Parents Course & Communication

Parental training in educational awareness and concepts is in desperate need. Family education largely affects the children's habit formation and character development. Parents are the invisible but long-term sustainable teacher for children.

Hence, OTO provides an interactive platform for parents to share knowledge of childcare, help other parents with their troubles and communicate among kindergarten, parents and grandparents.

OTO training activities

Regular meetings of cooperative education from kindergarten and family:

At the beginning of each semester, according to different age characteristics and major educational goal, we will introduce the course content, objectives, child nutrition information, parent-children interactive games and so on. According to educational needs for family and kindergarten, training parents will effectively help the kindergarten teach the children.

Regular meetings of parents sharing experience:

Every semester, we will organize parents to exchange and share their experience so that parents can understand the different situations experienced by other children. Select scientific material published on the kindergarten website will be used for everyone to learn from and share.

Going deep into family guidance:

OTO provides reservation services. Families can make appointments for a teacher to visit their home. Teachers go deep into the household environment, experience children’s real family life, and give some scientific suggestion to parents to, avoid some daily wrong actions.

Realizing multi-dimensional interaction:

In order to let parents know how to educate their children and teach parents about early childhood education and childcare knowledge, OTO has established an information zone to scientifically improve scientific parenting ability, strengthen family education and connect the kindergarten, family and social education to form one force. With the help of this network, we can guide parents to establish an accurate outlook on education. The new era of mobile Internet, advances early childhood information technology. Teachers interact with parents to educate their children together via the Internet / mobile Internet devices, maximizing the education effects.