Teachers' Training

OTO teacher training center, in cooperation with American OTO Education Group, focuses on overseas exchange and training for early childhood teachers. The team consists of outstanding experts of early childhood education from America, Great Britain, Italy and so on, providing effective training courses in a purely English environment. It assists to improve teachers’ education philosophy and professional qualities and offer a chance to practice chances to building a base for the future.

Great, new teaching technologies and theories have recently been developed, and due to globalization, people can communicate with each other from different cultures. Internationalized teacher training programs will be the future trend. Great children learn from great teachers. The OTO teacher training centere always insists upon the principle of the best teachers to the best children. We focus on updating teachers' educational philosophy and knowledge, enriching the professionalism of teachers and improving teachers' professional capacity. Our goal is to become the leader in early childhood teacher training.

Overseas exchange and training programs last 1 week to 5 months, including studying theory,inspecting courses,innovative teaching, actual practice etc. We can also provide and extra two week visa period for teachers who want to travel around after training.

Core content of training programs:

Explore innovated teaching methods

Learning in a wide open cultural environment, teachers will have a deeper understanding of recent development and problems in the early childhood education field. They can create new teaching methods and management philosophies which are based on knowledge from both Chinese and western cultures.

Experience foreign cultures & communication

After understanding foreign cultures, Chinese teachers can decrease cultural differences with foreign teachers, which will reduce communication cost and benefit the kindergarten.

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