Children's Hierarchy of Needs


Meet Children’s Physiological Needs

Air   Fresh atmosphere, away from haze and automotive exhaust; assure children can breathe freely.

Water   Cultivating children's drinking habits scientifically and equipped with an advanced water purification system, we guarantee the quality of the water and the health of the children.

Diet   Organic fruits and vegetables from ecological bases and international supermarkets ensure the safety and the reliability of the children's diet. Professional nutritionists scientifically formulate a healthy diet.

Facility   Supplying high quality school-age teaching aids, toys and tools which match the high level of international kindergarten.

Meet Children’s Safety Needs

Safe Environment   Installing digital kindergarten management platform safety system.

Food Safety  Strictly following Food Safety Law, examining qualification of suppliers as well as the procedures of cooking.

Facility Safety  Using environmentally friendly facilities and decorations in line with international safety standards.

Meet Children’s Emotion Needs

OTO believes that each step of children’s growth is precious. We input all of our enthusiasm to find the colorful world inside children’s hearts and fulfill their needs. Furthermore, OTO creates a comfortable, warm and loving environment for living and learning, respects and takes care of the children's creativity and individuality, and encourages them to explore, to discover, to listen, and to share the happiness together.

OTO International Kindergarten also pays more attention to educating parents in order to create the best environment for children to grow in.
Thus, OTO provides as follows:
Guiding the parents with scientific parenting skills
Creating an interaction platform between kindergarten and parents
Inviting experts to give lectures to parents
OTO is willing to introduce advanced international education concepts into families' daily life, and ensure children are being cared for and educated well in kindergarten as well as at home.

Meet Children’s Self-esteem Needs

OTO creates a loving and interesting environment for children to form good habits and leads them to explore the world. Under the influences of Chinese and Western cultures, children’s potential talent will be exploited maximally and efficiently to develop their eight core capabilities.