Leading Future Reading Fun  

One page
Like a door
I open it gently
Each word
Seems to say

Leaning on my arms, hearing you babbling
Lying by my side, hearing you sing Do Re Mi
Sharing happiness with you
Drawing your memories
You are here, that’s the best!

Welcome to the Book Tower,
Here, we are telling warmly…

Book Tower

Book Tower is created by OTO International Kindergarten (DOIK) and a number of outstanding domestic and foreign publishers; its core goal is to create an exclusive reading space for children, so that each child can find fun in reading. Book Tower provides a rich, suitable reading environment, a large number of high-quality domestic and foreign books, and different reading materials suitable for all ages and different personalities so that the kids will be swimming in the world of books. Book Tower mobilizes a variety of sense when participating in reading activities for children; story-sharing (listening and expression), role-playing, games, hand puppets, painting and music, and other ways into the reading activities to enhance children's interest in reading.

Parent-child reading

It is the finest family hour when parents and children enjoy reading together.
Parent-child reading mainly comes from the communication within the family. The attitude of parents will directly affect the children’s understanding off the world. Please give children time and space, and accompany them. During this process, your heart will become soft again; you and your child will love reading and you will wish to share affections with your children.

Book Tower’s little secret

Picture Book Time
Dear children, let us follow the hibernating squirrels to find the missing fruit; feel the seasons with beautiful Miss Wind; find new partners with bear Peter; make a Fruit Cake House with rabbit Lucy…;come around and listen to big Sam telling a story!
Book Tower Theater
Cute little babies, do you want to travel with Alice in wonderland, dance with Cinderella at midnight, eat honey with Winnie, visit Charlie’s chocolate factory? Book Tower will help baby realize their fairy tale dreams. Lighting, props, costumes, upbeat music, rotating dance, let’s sing and perform together, "Snow White," "Frozen," "Beauty and the Beast" ...... let babies take the first step in their life stage!
Highlights Game Corner
Adventurous kids, do you want to experience a brain storm of adventure? In highlights game corner, you'll become a warrior holding a shield; you might become a hunter with a treasure map. Please use the talent key and let’s play together now!
Colorful Book Tower
Reading books is like reading a world that is combined with colorful books. Every week, there will be a Book Tower Top list to show their favorite books. According to the number of books that babies read, they will get different colored “OTO Baby Colorful Tower” honors. Come on, let us read for honor!