Children can choose one of the 12 gorgeous classrooms and live there for three months: exploring the universe, finding the rock, observing the stars in "Little Discoverer"; colorful flags, special customs and holidays, iconic landmarks in “Little Traveler"; in “Little Engineer”, magically assembling a flexible robot with mechanical parts; colorful paint, small brush, draw "Little Picasso" in your heart; wearing the cute ballet skirt to be the angel, realizing the dream of dancing and singing in “Little Broadway”; square and circle, large and small, walking into the magic Kaleidoscope, indulge in "Crazy Math." “Little Athlete” is ready and does the sports in mini Olympic Spots Meeting and yelling “Come on!”; In "Little Biologist", experiencing the natural Secret Garden, praising the magic of nature! Experiencing adult world, turning dream into reality, walking into the workplace to be a "Little Diplomat "; the magic of a seed, the secret of a cake, funny weaving, exquisite craft, learning some simple housework in “Little Crafter”; following the imagination, exploring the future world in “Little Futurist”; Opening the book of history, following the history steps, swimming into the historical stories, I am a historiographer.