OTO Early Years Foundation (OEYF) follows scientific Observation to Opportunity. According to observing children’s daily life, it builds up individual growing records, assesses the development of mind and body and considers the differences between individual developments. Both teachers and parents are involved in teaching and social activities together with their children to discuss the growth process of children and look for the best starting in their life. OEYF not only considers the children's intellectual ability, but also concerns on children's health and personality. In addition, OEFY will give personalized guidance to the family environment which can influence children’s development in the future.

The first step: Observation

The teachers record process and describe the children's behavior by watching, listening in their daily activities and teaching courses. They communicate with parents regularly, while integrate children‘s behaviors which parents observed in family education and record children’s periodical diary collectively.

The second step: To (Assessment)

According to OEYF theoretical, it assesses whether children conform to the development expectations of their age. For example, an 11-month-old child’s ability to understand reflecting to daily behavior is demonstrated when they hear someone shout their name and they always stop and look up; begin to understand some of the contextual clues , are familiar with body language, words or sounds. At the same time, it provides some specific training measures for parents and teachers. For example, when training a 11-month-old child the ability to understand, parents and teachers should face them when calling their name, pay attention to eye contact and wait for their response; when the child is interested in something, tell them and help them understand the meaning; tell the child what you are doing and what is happening; speak clearly; duplicate simple words and so on.

The third step: Opportunities

Every OTO child will have a unique growth recording. It will help children to make the next future plans, strengthen weak abilities, and deepen proficient abilities. It gradually develops the skills of the child through a variety of activities and teaching content.

Finally, each child will have a growth record.
It is not only the accumulation of daily drip,
but also a good memory.