Family Involvement

The cooperation among kindergarten, family and society is an inevitable trend of international pre-school education reforming. Children can develop comprehensively under these three interactions.

By continuous exploration, the OTO education team is based on the principle of critical and practical study, combined with the outstanding characteristics of the international family, learning the essence of ancient Chinese family education, adhering to advance with the times, exploiting innovative ideas, and developing the most suitable cooperative education programs.

OTO education provides qualified education and service for parents. Through a series of cooperative systems such as common communication, visiting, and learning tour, OTO will help parents to solve problems during the process of cultivating their children.

Parent interviews:

Communication between parents and teachers is an integral part during the time when your baby is in the kindergarten. In the OTO International Kindergarten, parents can communicate with the teacher to know baby’s information at any time.

Parent center:

The establishment of OTO International Kindergarten Parent Center provides a capable space for parents to meet, and builds a bridge between the kindergarten and the parents. In the parent center, you can share your experience, your confusion and your harvest with other parents. After sharing with others, you will become an outstanding mentor for your children. Family is an important partner of kindergarten. OTO is based on the principle of respect, equality and cooperation, established by the parents committee. OTO integrates family and kindergarten educational resources, forms huge education energy, and jointly promotes the healthy development of young children.

Family classroom:

Our goal is to make every family member become a "professional" parent, and help the children succeed in the future. OTO invites domestic and international children psychological experts, scholars and outstanding principal to carry out educational seminars, providing a class for parents to learn and exchange their ideas about education. Meanwhile, it provides opportunities for grandparents to participate in activities and be involved in the kindergarten's education to realize the three generation co-education, and create a harmonious family atmosphere.

Family involvement activities:

OTO International Kindergarten organizes family, education institutions, and nonprofit organizations to hold a series of parent-child activities to provide the opportunities for childdren to play with their friends, to strengthen the children's ability to adapt to social life, to promote emotional communication between children and parents, and to share the happiness of the family.