OTO Education System

The best early education to the best child!

OTO is committed to early education for the baby from 0 to 3 years old. International early education experts design and provide professional courses. It provides a parent-child interactive platform with a happy and healthy atmosphere, which allow the babies to take the first steps of their wonderful life.

What OTO BABY learns?

Music course:

Music is one of the fine arts which is concerned with the combination of sounds with a view to beauty of form and the expression of thought or feeling. OTO music course leads babies to experience the colorful borderless music world through a variety of interactive teaching methods such as listening, singing, dancing, musical instruments exploring and collective interactive performance. It helps the baby to perceive the charm of music, and gradually promote the comprehensive development of the baby's language, social, emotional and other multiple intelligences.

DIY course:

"Wisdom of children is on their fingertips." OTO DIY course brings not only work but also creativity to children. Let your baby explore the colorful world by themselves and inspire their unlimited imagination through crafting, collaging, baking, planting, and a variety of fun activities.

Full potential course:

2-7 years old children have great potential in thinking development. OTO Full Potential course focuse on developing the baby's brain, balancing the deviation of children’s thinking structure. With a variety of teaching aids and different methods of thinking-training games, it will help children learn how to think, learn and solve problems, and provide a solid foundation for the children’s future!

Independence course:

Every baby is inseparable from love and concern of their parents from birth to adulthood. Home is a place where children can learn love and inclusion, and the Independence course focuses on training basic living skills, adapting to the new environment, accepting new challenges, and understanding how to care for their basic necessities. By participating in different themed activities and life-situation experiences, children will gradually learn communication, collaboration, self-management and trying to achieve self-worth in suitable frustrating situations. It cultivates children's sense of independence, self-care ability, and learning hands-on ability and working capacity. Let children win at the start of life.

Social activity course:

Children have social awareness when they are 8 months old. In OTO Social Activity Course, children can play games, listen to stories, draw pictures, sing and dance. It’s an interactive platform for children, on which they can learn to help, to share and cultivate their team spirit and also give them enough space to release their nature.

Game & experience course: 

Being active is the nature of children. By providing different facilities and adventures, the course can meet children’s curiosity and exploring spirit and enhance their sensory integration capabilities in a pleasant mood. This all-round training combines sports, games, study, living and intelligence development. Meanwhile, all the instruments in OTO Baby Classroom have good protection parts, which enable the child to grow up healthily and happily.

What OTO brings for children?

How to join OTO Baby Classroom

OTO International Kindergarten’s unique education philosophy converges international essential teaching models and top international education experts, in the hope of making the best early childhood education brand in the world. OTO believes in “Best early childhood education to best one”, and makes sure all parents and babies can feel OTO’s professional service and management. OTO International Kindergarten welcomes every parent and child to come!


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