OTO Education System

OTO Mummy: OTO adheres to the concept of "OTO, the best starting to the best child." The course is divided into OTO Mummy Diary, Pregnant Yoga, OTO Mummy Classroom and OTO Mummy-Baby Store.

OTO Mummy Diary

New mums must have a lot of confusion from preparing pregnancy to delivering the baby. OTO Mummy collects professional guides from China and abroad to be your exclusive encyclopedia. As long as you leave the contact information, OTO will communicate with you every week, get your information, and be assistant to ensure your health during pregnancy.
In this period, you will have lots of novelties and OTO will prepare a gift for you. OTO will help you keep a dairy recording your mood as a permanent souvenir. Someday, you may revive this experience with your baby and get happiness from it.

The baby's arrival has given me great happiness. In August 2014, one day in the morning,the pregnancy test kit showing a "two bars" swept away my sleep! I was so excited to run into the room and tell my husband: “Dear, I am pregnant, we have a baby now!” My baby was coming. This was good news. Looking at my tummy, I was so happy. I felt a little weird and a little scared about my pregnancy and I didn’t know what would happen. Happiness suddenly fell on me.

Early pregnancy (the 1st week - the 12th week) 
During this period, I always felt very fatigued, weak, sleepy, without appetite, nauseous and was vomiting. My mother told me not to do strenuous exercise, ensure plenty of sleep, and eat more fruits, so that the baby would be born healthy and the skin would be very smooth. I touched my tummy with a happy smile.

The second trimester (the 13th week - the 27th week)
My tummy got bigger and bigger and my appetite was significantly increasing. I felt the baby is growing up. I was both nervous and excited about his birth. Without those physical reactions, my mood became more enjoyable. I talked to the baby every day, like talking to myself. I believed the baby must understand what I say.

The third trimester(the 28th week - the 40th week)
Oh! My baby was moving. I was always able to feel the baby moving around in my tummy. As the baby's body grew up, I felt more and more unwieldy. Fortunately I still could cook and eat. But I always had a sense of urine. In order to meet my baby quickly, I would stick to exercise. 

Approaching childbirth, I was admitted to the hospital. About 4:00, I woke up and felt pain. The pain was not very strong and I could endure. After a half hour, I still felt pain. I woke up my husband and nurse. I knew my baby would be born......

Looking at the baby lying by my side, I felt this is really amazing. Looking at the cute little baby hands, I wanted to record all my baby's movements. I was also trying to recover myself, and to be a good mother!

Baby liked holding by people from birth to now. He had his own temper. If he was not satisfied, he always lost his temper, even cry. At first, I was just promoted as a mother, I felt helpless. Baby’s father was also distressed. Later I had participated in some activities with other mothers, while I had gathered some knowledge of how to teach the baby from Internet. I understood I cannot hold him all the time. If he was crying, I cannot immediately hold him. Firstly, I should gently comfort him and check whether he has any discomfort, gradually help him to get rid of this habit. Under my guidance, now my baby is much more obedient, this is my achievement.......

Pregnant Yoga is specifically designed by professional yoga teachers for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the physical changing will cause mental stress, especially the additional pressure on the back. Yoga can balance your body against your growing tummy and maintain good figure. Stretching and strengthening the body will help pregnant woman open the pelvis before delivery. The adjustment of the pelvic floor can control delivery, reduce complications and accelerate postpartum recovery. Parent-child yoga can also be beneficial to mothers and babies.

Fetal education course: OTO follows the developing characteristics of the fetus in uterus, focuses on the physiological and psychological changes in the entire pregnancy and conducts scientific methods.

Expert Lectures: OTO provides pregnancy-related topics exchanges, scientific lectures and directive knowledge.

OTO Mummy-Baby Store
It is a one-stop shopping platform that is specialized in providing upscale and high-quality maternal and child products around the world.