OTO Team

OTO team advocates a “people-oriented” concept. Senior staff in DOIK with years of experience teaching in international kindergarten and school management have organized many international exchange activities and communication conferences among countries and international organizations. Meanwhile, the independent OTO Teacher Evaluation System guarantees a high standard and quality in the process of selecting and cultivating Chinese and foreign teachers. 

OTO truly achieves Delicacy Management which implements “delicate, timely, accurate and strict” to OTO management models and procedures to pursue the most efficient and qualified work.

OTO is detail-oriented and children-centered. OTO pays attention to children’s life as a mother, children’s development as a teacher, children’s emotion as a friend and offers the best service to every child.

OTO International Kindergarten is operated by Dalian OTO Education Consulting Co., Ltd with a double-track management system. The Chinese headmaster cooperates with the foreign headmaster to provide a double-culture kindergarten.

China-America Education Management Expert
CEO/Capital Manager of Dalian OTO
Education Consulting Co, Ltd.
Vincent Wu

Vincent Wu is the CEO of Dalian OTO Education Consulting Co., Ltd. He served as copyright consultant for Microsoft China, Adobe and Macromedia and partner of TSX Canada. Mr. Wu, who graduated from LLM Stockholms Universitet, is a Chinese-American educational management expert and has rich management experience in international marketing, branding planning, risk avoiding and corporate training. He used to participate in the investment consulting and management of relevant industries in the US, UK, Canada and Taiwan, and acquired China registered planner qualification certification (education area), NAEYC and membership of California state’s Yong Children Association.

Only education that fits the needs of current trends can lead the education industry in a developing way. Cultural education is at the service of the society. In the future, a family's education need for their children will be the viability under different cultural backgrounds. With the trend of global education coming into the big data era, it's the best time to integrate outstanding educational resources. Based on advanced global education methods and Chinese traditional cultures, OTO promotes the idea of "environment can affect children's future”, encourages innovation in teaching that emphasizes children's imagination and creation, and improves teachers' service awareness with the evaluation system. Scientific pre-school education includes three basic elements, "One To One", "Observation To Opportunity", and "Online To Offline", which are playing a significant role in children's development. They are also key elements in building a highly qualified international early education system with unique features.

“A hundred years of life is based on the childhood education”, children will influence the world’s future.

Senior Expert in International Early
Childhood Education,Scholar
25 years of working experience in teaching
Sandra Simmons

Sandra Simmons is the senior expert and scholar in early childhood education. She has been engaged in education for 25 years and has rich management experiences. She has served as head of Manchester early education and childcare programs, project leader of community services and early education special institution, primary education researcher and art consultant, head of workforce and professional standards, and principal officer of early years and professional standards. She has been the head teacher of Frodingham Infant School and the deputy head teacher of Boothferry Primary School. She has made outstanding contributions to the development of child early education and innovation of family and community services.

Additional Professional activities:
• Strategic Officer – link for TSA Leading Learning Forward and NCTL 2013
• Lead Officer School Centered Teacher Training Programme
• Lead Officer for the Imagination Library Literacy Programme
• Lead Officer of British Early Years Outcomes Duty
• Aspect/Prospect Early Childhood and Education Group –Chair
• Strategic lead for CIS and Child development service
• Strategic lead Extended Schools and Children’s Centers
• Service Lead EYFS SEN and Inclusion
• Reggio\Montessori training expert
• Skilled assessor of teacher performance and educational provision
• Senior Adviser for school and service improvement –Early years and Primary Educations
• External adviser for head teacher; performance and leadership development
• Expert Speaker and trainer for early Years pedagogy and practice
• Delivering national and regional trainer conferences and seminars. E.g. Northumberland Early Years Learning and teaching, Teach Out Side Your Box – e.g. Northumberland, St Helens, ALITE conference workshops – London and Manchester
• Participating in the research of innovative teaching of NAEYC
• Organizing Child Development Professionals Leadership Forum